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  1. Im guessing that we are supposed to talk about ourselves since it says introduction. My name is Daniel Powell and I live in Wrangell Alaska.I was born and raised here in Wrangell. I am taking all online classes right now and am in the BA Elementary Education program. I am taking this class because I thought it would be interesting to learn more about fish around Alaska and things like fish hatcheries since we have Anita Bay Hatchery right next to Wrangell. Summer time I work and live on a Seine boat which also gives me a love for fish. I love to be outside with boating, snowmobiling, hunting, fishing and more. I also love to be inside sometimes seeing that I love to play video games and work out. I also love to drive jet boats up the Stikine River where many Alaskan Salmon tend to run during the summer.

  2. Hello, my name is Kathryn (Katie) Carter, and I am an NRM major. I am taking this course to gain a better understanding of fish biology, marine habitats, and management practices for fisheries. I have lived in AK for the last 8 years, but have recently needed to move down to the lower 48 to help with a sick family member. I’m married, and have a four year daughter. I love to be outside, as does probably everyone taking this course. I’m excited about this semester, and am looking forward to leaving with relevant fisheries information that will serve me well into my intended career.

  3. Hi, my name is Hannah Bass; I recently moved to Alaska from Montana for college. I’m studying at the Fairbanks branch where I am majoring in wildlife biology but I wanted to explore the field so I’m minoring in fisheries and marine biology. I have always loved the outdoors and animals which had a large impact on my choice of major. I enjoy hunting, fishing, hiking, and kayaking. I’m looking forward to my time here in Alaska and hope to learn and grow in the field.

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