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More reason to save our fish!

Posted by Shamariah Hale:   In a recent study conducted by researchers from the US, UK, and Canada; they found that 3-15% of calcium carbonate is produced by bony fishes. (Cartilaginous fish like sharks and rays don’t.) Bony fish excrete calcium carbonate because they are constantly drinking seawater. Calcium builds up in their gut, until they are expelled as crystals. Amazingly, this calcium carbonate reduces the acidity of seawater and is directly related to carbon cycle of the ocean. Researchers have still more studies to conduct, but they theorize that with rising temperatures and carbon dioxide levels, bony fish may actually produce more calcium carbonate. We have yet to understand all aspects of this relationship and it processes, but in our battle to fight ocean acidification, why not have a little help? Just one more reason we need to save our fish.
Posted by: Shamariah Hale