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“Fish Farmings Growing Danger” By Breanna Sides

Fish Farming’s Growing Dangers
Breanna Sides
In the article, “Fish Farming’s Growing Dangers’, by Ken Stier, the author discusses the growing concern on how the fish in hatcheries are being fed and the problems it is causing for the rest of the oceans food chains. In many fish farms, “trash fish’ or “reduction’ fish are fed to the fish being farmed for our own consumption. The problem with this though is that by taking these smaller, undesirable fish and turning them into feed for salmon and other human consumed species and fish oil, we are depleting these “feed’ species making them less available to the other aquatic organisms that rely on them.
A more recent farming trend that is causing some problems is raising tuna. Tuna require higher amounts of feed thus causing the “reduction’ fish to be reduced more rapidly. Tuna is also much more difficult and more expensive to raise since no one has been able to raise the tuna from eggs. Instead, young tuna are corralled in from the ocean and kept in makeshift holding areas until they are big enough to be harvested.
A new trend is emerging that is proving to be more cost efficient in the hatchery world. More fish farmers are starting to turn their attention to herbivore fish instead of carnivore fish. By raising fish that eat strictly plants, many hatcheries are saving money and a reduction in “reduction’ fish and start to take effect. We are already over harvesting salmon, tuna, and shrimp. By introducing other, less expensive fish to the markets may be a solution to many hatchery problems.