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New fishing gear sharply reduces seabird mortality

Posted by Rodney Hobby:

A competition was held by the World Wildlife Fund Smart Gear contest and International Seafood Sustainability Foundation. A new design in long line fishing gear has resulted in 90% drop in mortality of birds, turtles other by-catch that lives near the surface of the ocean.
The new gear is double-weight branch line that sinks the hooks deeper in the ocean, which is below where the birds and turtle live. The gear being deeper has produced bigger fish and more profit for the fishermen. The new gear also has reduced injures to the crewmember and made it much easier to coil the line, which saves time and money.
The Japanese captain won the contest for his new design and received $37,500 dollars from the (WWF, ISS) foundations. This will help protect the endangered species and marine life making a more sustainable fishery for future generation to come. Environmental groups have pushed for improvement in gear to help protect wildlife and endangered species for years.