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A bunch of cool links

Good sites to know about:

  • There’s a Natural Resources, Fisheries & Sciences Job Fair on the 25th. Here’s a link to the outfits that will be there-

  • Fish Base: a Global base with all fish species, includes taxonomy, life history stages, and other traits

  • I use Mendeley to organise my research papers, you can organis your PDF library by title/author/date/ect…, and Mendeley automatically enters this information into the program. Once you upload your PDFs into Mendeley desktop they are  accessible  online from any computer! I also use it to organise the Fish 101 lecture notes (you can also highlight and use sticky notes)

Some cool videos:

  • Underwater astonishments: some stuff on Gastropod coloration/camouflage

  • Glowing life in an Underwater World: a (semi-long) talk about bioluminescens

  • Asian Carp: cool fish

  • Robot fish: robot fish

And just because

  • Because halloween is coming up

  • I remember someone talking about eating Hagfish Slime in class. I came across this recipe last year.


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