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Article about reorienting fishery policy

Here is an interesting article written in Fall 2004.  Despite it is almost 13 years ago, it still addresses the concerns for catch limits.  If these policies were not set, I do believe the stock of our fish species in Alaska could have been affected.  Our fish and habitat need substantial time to rebound in its population and natural environment, and I commend the efforts of the fishery managements on doing so.  That is what this story is about…reorienting fishery policy toward ecosystems and reorganizing the institutional structure of ocean policy. retrieved April 6, 2017

Melanie Dela Rosa

Hi everyone!  My name is Melanie Dela Rosa and I am from Mountain Village, AK which is located near Bethel, St. Mary’s southwest Alaska along the Yukon River.  I am working to get my BA in Rural Development – Natural Resources.  I love subsistence foods and love being outdoors (except in extreme conditions).  I moved to Alaska in 1985 with my family and fell in love with this state.  My late father was in the US Navy so we lived in various places, but I call Alaska my home.  I have three children with my long-time boyfriend and I hope to move to Fairbanks next Fall to finish my degree.  Thank you and hope to learn more from this class and my fellow classmates.