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High Seafood, Low Salmon

I thought that these two contrasting articles where very interesting, Alaska has seen its lowest salmon run in over 30 years at the same time Alaska’s seafood catch reaches a 17 year high. It makes me wonder what it is that is increasing the seafood volume and decreasing the salmon volume so significantly. Unless crabs have started to eat the salmon it really does not make any sense. I know they are two separate fisheries but something between the sea and our fresh water rivers has to be affecting the salmon run. With all the talk about new developments like pebble mine and hydro fracking in the artic it makes me wonder what effects those things will have on an already troubled returning salmon run. The rural villages depend largely on salmon for subsistence; they depend on salmon to eat through the winter. Not only that but it’s a way of life for them, it’s a huge part of their culture and economy (cash and non-cash).  What are the people that depend on salmon for subsistence going to do to make it through the winter?   Somewhere I read that they will be supplemented with a food stamp sort of thing, that’s not the answer.   Some rural community’s whole identity surrounds salmon, it’s what they do and who they are, take that away and give them food stamps and there will be more issues than just feeding that community.  The salmon run last year was low, this year it is even lower, so what does the future look like for the salmon that a large part of Alaska’s people depend on?–seafood-catch-reaches-17-year-high?