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Winifred “the Whale Shark’


Winifred “the Whale Shark’

About Me:

Hey I’m Winifred and I’m known as the biggest fish in the sea! I am called by many names. My common name is the Whale Shark, but my scientific name is the Rhincodon typus. I am a pretty docile fish, but I love to hang out and help others.

Contact Info:

You can find me in warm temperate waters off the coast of the Philippines, Thailand, Belize, and South Africa. These are a few of my favorite places.

Basic Info:

Languages: Whale

Relationship Status: Open Relationship

Interested In: Men

Religious Views: Polygamy, due to rare mating encounters. I typically mate once then store the sperm internally and use it to fertilize a long sequence of eggs over time. Thus producing a staggered series of offspring.


I am an apex-predator, so basically I’m the boss. I am at the top of the food chain in which no other creatures typically prey.


Daisy “the Dolphin’


Jackson Jacks


Suzie “the Sucker fish’



Sharks liked to pick on me when I was young. But now that I am bigger and stronger the bullying has stopped.


I enjoy slow swimming across the sea in schools but honestly I prefer to fly solo. I also enjoy filter feeding on plankton and krill. I love to travel every spring to the continental shelf of the central west coast of Australia.

Bonus Facts About Me:

Being a girl we are way cooler than the boys. I tend to grow much larger than my male counterpart. Boys also have these large extensions called claspers on both pelvic fins, which is the only visible difference between us.

I am a vulnerable species due to my long life span and late maturation. Whale sharks have a decreasing population due to being hunted and exploited for entertainment by many Asian cultures. To learn how to help with whale shark conservation go to .