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Sea Life ‘Must Swim Faster to Survive’ to Survive Climate Change

Posted by: Jesse Lindgren

Rising ocean temperatures may cause fish to have longer migration routes to find colder waters. Sea life especially in the Western and Eastern Pacific and subarctic oceans will have to adapt or relocate to escape extinction. At the current increase in ocean temperatures animals will not be able to adapt in time and will have to swim faster and further to find a new home. Current global warming will force marine animals to go more polewards, this could put high stress on the polar seas resources with many more species competing for food. This change will be more specific to marine species living at the surface where the temperature change is greater, the deep ocean will not change as much. As marine animals migrate away from the equator it is also unclear if any animals will take there place and inhabit the warmer waters. It is also a concern that this rise in sea life at the poles can be sustained, or if we will see mass extinction of fish all competing for the same resources. This could be a serious problem in the near future and more research should be done to look at possible solutions.