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Cook Inlet Set-Net Closure

The future doesn’t look so good for the set-netters of the Kenai Peninsula. This year, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game put a closure on Cook Inlet set-net fishery, which left hundreds of fishermen unable to pay their deckhands, fuel bills, and many other costs involved with fishing.

There was a meeting to be held for the community around the Kasilof and Kenai rivers for all people to attend, and ask Fish and Game reps about what to expect for the coming year. This years closure caused fishermen to lose 90 percent of their annual income, which was estimated to be between $2.0 million to $3.7 million total.

The people have looked to the governor to do something about it, and nobody has been able to get any solid answers. Being a fisherman I understand the time and work it takes to get ready for a fishing season. If fishermen don’t know if their going to be fishing or not, many of them may not even get ready for it and even fish at all. This will be huge for families in the Kenai Peninsula who rely on set-netting for food and income.

Casting about for answers — Kenai Peninsula Fishermen’s Association to host town hall-style meeting with Fish and Game commissioner

Jonah Yakunin