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2016 Fisheries Intro for Isaac

Hello former Fisheries students and staff. My name is Isaac Jackson I am Alaskan born and was raised in Nome Alaska , but no live in Anchorage where i attend UAA as a general science major. I am Siberian Yupik and my background is very important for me and my culture. So living a lifestyle where I was raised on traditional native foods and fish I greatly appreciate for what the land and the sea have to offer for it provides not only filling stomachs but a cultural way of life to believe. No that I am older I really do admire and appreciate such foods that mother earth can offer.

While attending UAA I have a lot of realization that I wanted to get into the Fisheries program. It started when I did a Internship for the USFWS in Togiak NWR, that where I got my desire to work around Salmon and other fisheries species of Alaska. That was my internship. Currently I have a PCM with Alaska Department of FISh & Game for seasonal work as a Fish & Wildlife Technician ll. Me and another guy run a river weir on the Stuyahok River up the Nushagak in Bristol. Our objective is running a two year Chinook Intiative to record the Fish and Chinook going up that River. Its very exciting and neat stuff.

So my plans is to after this Semester and another field season in the bush with ADF&G, I will come back to civilization and move up to Fairbanks where I will enroll in School of Fisheries program at UAF. I know I want to work around Fish and even though its quite cold  I know I will be inspired to learn the trade there.

In my spare time when not being stuck in school I like to be outdoors, hunt, Fly fishing is savior, hike bike, bonfires & beer.

Thanks for taking time to read.