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Invasive Burbot; Research and removal at Flaming Gorge

Flaming Gorge reservoir located in Wyoming and Utah is currently experiencing a full blown invasion by burbot.  The reservoir alone is over 42,000 acres and attracts sport fisherman from around the world in pursuit of Lake trout, Brown trout, Kokanee salmon, and many other species, which now include’s Burbot.  Burbot are not native to the area and have now been declared invasive.  A research project at Flaming Gorge is underway and will continue through the winter of 2013.  The main goal of the project is to survey the Burbot population as well as monitor the migration patterns of adult spawning fish.  Ultrasonic Telemetry Tags will be used to track fish migration, hopefully providing data to aid in removal efforts.  By knowing where and when the fish are spawning, anglers and biologists will be able to increase the  efficiency  of removal.  Burbot spawn in winter under the ice which makes choosing the best ice fishing location difficult.  Knowing  precisely  where the fish spawn means that instead of boring holes here and there, you’ll bore one hole in a  guaranteed  location.  The future of the Flaming Gorge Sport Fishery doesn’t look good due to our piscivore friend the Burbot, however, their predictability  and good eating may at least help encourage anglers to target and remove them.  

Two 22″ Tanana river Burbot

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