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Fish Need Exercise Too!

Salmon are one of the most sought after fish in the sea. They appear on menus at restaurants across the globe. To keep up with this high demand for salmon, there is a huge industry for farming them. Farmers raise salmon from eggs to smolts then release them into the ocean so they can continue to grow and eventually be caught and sold into the fish market. This is a great system, however, according to recent studies conducted in Norway, only around 80 percent of salmon smolts released actually make it to optimal harvesting size. There are many factors involved in this statistic, but some clever scientist have discovered one way to reduce this percentage. Dr Takle of Norway states that if farmers simply exercised their fish more at a young age, it would increase the number of farmed fish surviving in the wild. Proper exercise allows the smolts to develop larger muscles, stronger immune systems, and healthier hearts which in turn give them an advantage when they are released into the wild. It’s a relatively simple way to boost salmon fishery numbers as well as promote the health of the salmon themselves. Yet again, nature dictates that exercise is the key to life–so hop on that treadmill.

-Eileen A