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The health of Lake Erie is in danger! News with fins #1

The health of Lake Erie is once again in great danger. The commercial over fishing of the seemingly unlimited resources a century ago wiped out many species to actual extinction.   This was happening while vast amounts of toxic pollution were being dumped from industry and from sewers and cities. While most of this has been somewhat stopped, now vast plumes of algae, no doubt fueled by the vast amounts of nitrogen and phosphorous that are found in run off from fertilized lawns and farmers’ fields. Invasive species, such as zebra mussels, change the whole environment, such as filtering the water makes it clearer, and algae may grow on the shallow bottoms of Lake Erie. When this algae dies, its decomposition uses up oxygen, thus creating oxygen depleted “dead zones’ that the scientists in the videos and articles speak of. Fish cannot live in areas of the lesser oxygen levels. I can attest as a fisherman my catch over the years in Lake Erie has dropped drastically, and I barely fish there now because of that. Lake Erie at one point after the Cuyahoga River caught on fire and environmental laws were utilized, started to get better. Now the algae blooms, smelly and also toxic to humans, pets and wildlife, invasive species and massive die offs of fish and aquatic birds, have brought a new danger to Lake Erie. Hopefully this bad turn of events can change for Lake Erie, before it is too late.


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