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Costa Rica should protect its sharks, not foreign fleet

Posted by Emery Bovard:   The new regulations in Costa Rica have changed to allow the use of shark meat for commercial fisherman as bait. This leaves the valuable fins and spines after they get done with them. There used to be a law that the shark must have fins on them when they get on land so some fisherman started sewing fins off other sharks on the ones that they had cut off. It was a loop hole so it was legal. It made a big ruckus and they stopped, but then they started landing at privatly owned docks where there were not proper records on that subject. The latest issue is that the ships are landing with skeletons of the sharks with just the fins and spines. The fisherman are claiming that they used the meat for bait. People are saying that because this is legal a domino effect is going to take place and the population of sharks is going to decrease dramatically! This also is including sail fish and marlin not only as a menu item but as a sport fish as well. There are orginizations that are helping to stop the fish being a hot tourist meal item and stopping the sale of it all together.