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Ghost Fishing in the Southeast Alaska Commercial Dungeness Crab Fishery

Daniel Cardenas

North American Journal of Fisheries Management
Volume 33,  Issue 2, 2013

The dungeness crab fishery is an already struggling  fishery in Southeast Alaska. Ghost fishing is  derelict  fishing gear that continues to fish, it can have substantial effect on commercial fisheries such as crabbing in Southeast. How do these gears start ghost fishing? There are biotic and abiotic  factors, humans that due to gear conflicts, will be hauled to deep water, or the lines will be cut. Abiotic factors that can result in lost gear are, storms, sedimentation and ice cover. Ghost gear that traps these crabs can lead to  increase  predation by species such as octopus, increased cannibalism, and starvation. Ghost fishing in the southeast dungeness crab fishing is estimated to only affect 3% of the  commercial crab fishery  annually. This paper challenges the current escape mechanisms and  presents  alternatives.

Dungeness Crab PotsDungeness Crab Pots I stacked this summer.