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Illegal Alaska Crab Fishing

Illegal crab fishing


Plans are in the works to start cracking down on illegal seafood harvesting of species that are at risk or vulnerable in the US waters. Enforcement agencies such as the Coast Guard and Alaska Wildlife Troopers are expected to play a bigger role in acting out these plans in the near future. The NOAA is working on a list of species to add to the list and many Alaskans are hoping that their many species of crabs make it on the list, such as red, blue, and brown king crabs. Russia has long been illegally harvesting these species and then selling them to the United States by laundering them through China and Korea. Studies have suggested that Alaska has lost $600 million since the year 2000.


Some doubt that the Alaska crabs will make it on the list because they aren’t endangered or anywhere near threatened. However if you ask me 600 million dollars is a lot of money and we should do all we can to stop illegal activists before the problem gets worse.


Alaska Pollock from Russia?



Pollock fish are the most harvested fish in the world currently and Russia takes in a big chunk of those numbers. In recent years people have shown to care more and more about where there fish are coming from and if it is sustainable or not. Alaska is known for its excellent reputation in high sustainable harvests and several companies have been labeling their products as Alaska Pollock even though they were fished by Russians in Russia. They got away with this due to some sort of loophole through the FDA, however many US representatives and senators have filled a formal request to change this. This is a big deal because Russia and Alaska have very different standards to how they fish. Russia Pollock is fished on a unsustainable boom and bust cycle due to heavy over fishing and no management, where as Alaska has strict by-catch laws and harvest limits and seasons that regulate Pollock and other fish in order to protect and preserve a sustainable yearly harvest. Sadly 30-45% of Pollock in the US is from Russia even though it might be labeled as “Alaska Pollock’. Hopefully we can get this labeling figured out so we can choose to consume only sustainable Alaskan Pollock instead of the sketchy Russian stuff.

Late blooming great Whites!

According to a new study Great White Sharks take much longer to sexually mature then first thought.  Male great white sharks take 26 years and females take about  33 years to be ready to have baby sharks known as pups. That’s a big difference from what we previously thought which  was that females reach maturity somewhere between 7 and 13 years of age and that males can start reproducing when they’re between 4 and 10 years old. This means that Great Whites are much more  vulnerable to threats because it takes them so long to mature. I am surprised that they take even longer then we do as humans, also in humans its girls that mature faster then males and its the opposite with Great Whites. Pretty interesting!images