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Spearing whitefish in the Chatanika River is barbaric, fun

Posted by: Alexandra Waska:   Do you want to be like a caveman and spear your fish? There is a chance that you can during a one month period with a permit. In the Chatanika River, Alaska Department of Fish and Game gives out 200 permits to those who come first, and the limit is 10 fish per permit. These permits don’t last long – only for about two days. Spearing fish had just opened about three years in 2007 after a huge decline of humpback whitefish, least cisco, and round whitefish. In the past (1987), people altogether had caught over 25,000 whitefish during the spawning season. Now people from Fairbanks enjoy the spearing of fish, even though they may just catch one fish. The only problem people have with this is the limited permits given out each year.–fun?