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Yelloweye Rockfish


images (3)All About Me:


Sebastes ruberrimus aka Yelloweye Rockfish, Pacific red snapper, red rock cod, or cowfish.




In an Open Relationship.


I’m looking for any male counterpart who can internally fertilize my over 2 million eggs between the months of February and December. I can do the rest of the incubation and live larval-birth by myself! However, if you would like to be my mate, you must be in it for the long haul; Yelloweye Rockfish can live up to 120 years old!




I can be found anywhere from the Aleutian Islands in Alaska to the Baja Peninsula at depths of usually 300-600 feet. However, once I find a home on a rock pile, I will stay here for the majority of my life!




What I Look Like/Body Type:


I am about 36 in and 35-40 lbs.   I am usually orange-red and turn to a more of an orange-yellow as I age.   I have spines on my head and my fins are usually tipped with black. However, as a juvenile, my skin was more of a light red color and I had distinctive while lateral stripes on my body.  For a long time, juvenile and adult yelloweye’s were considered different species because of our different coloration!




I like to eat some small crustaceans and other small rock fish.   When I was a larvae I used to feed on algae and other single celled organisms.  Since it takes so long for me to mature and I disperse my larvae over a wide area with strong currents, only a small number of my young will reach maturity.   Because of this, my species is very prone to over-fishing.   Currently in Washington state, there is a ban for my retention.   On April 23, 2009, NMFS proposed that we should be listed as threatened under the ESA.


Other Interesting Facts About Me:


I lack a vent on my swim bladder. If I am brought to over 10 fathoms (30 feet), I will die.


I am a fish that is prized for my meat. If you happen to get a chance to eat me, here is a recipe that you might try:




Also check out this video on You Tube!

images (2)Adult Yelloweye Rockfish



Juvenile Yelloweye Rockfish     sa=X&ei=DpsmUZm4M7DmiwKep4DgBg&sqi=2&ved=0CEQQsAQ&biw=1518&bih=748

Composed by Audrey Foster