News with Fins 4 “Fishermen call for early meeting about Kuskokwim salmon”

In Bethel, AK residents are trying to work out a salmon management plan for the Kuskokwim River with state biologists. There are signs showing that there will be a decline in the amount of fish in the river. They want a plant to be created as soon as possible so that it doesn’t come about while people are putting camp together so they can fish. The King salmon run has been decreasing over the past five years. They are hoping to have a meeting scheduled in March.

2 thoughts on “News with Fins 4 “Fishermen call for early meeting about Kuskokwim salmon””

  1. King salmon fishing along the Yukon and Kuskokwim River regions have been seeing low numbers; therefore, no commercial fishing seasons have been opening for several years. Even subsistence wise, we are not allowed to keep the kings. These are one of the richer tasting fish that provide all the Omega-3 and protein we thrive on during the long, hard winter season. I hope the numbers start going up and hope Fish & Game will consider letting us keep some of the kings for subsistence harvest.

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