Atlantic Porkfish

The Atlantic Porkfish is a feisty and aggressive fish that you can find in almost any aquarium in the world. Their common names are Porkfish, Atlantic Porkfish and the Paragrate Grunt. The scientific name is Anisotrmus Virginicus. They are found in the Western Atlantic Ocean from Florida down to Brazil as well as the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea and the Bahamas. They live  in shallow inshore waters in reefs and rocky bottoms.  Porkfish can be found at depths of 6ft down to 65 feet. They are nocturnal and travel in large schools. Very little is known about spawning but it is known that they stay in pairs during breeding season.


They are predators/carnivores and feed on invertebrates that include mollusks, worms and small crustaceans. Juvenile porkfish feed on parasites from the skin and scales of other fish. Predators of porkfish include sharks, snappers and groupers.

Porkfish are known for making grunt like sounds with their pharyngeal teeth and swim bladder which is why they are put into the Paragrate Grunt family.

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