Fan of Fish



WHAT AM I :  If you look at my picture, yes I am a little vain but I am a beautiful Lionfish.   I am one of 15 different species.(one and only) I am a pretty suttle fish.   I get along with everyone that is not trying to eat me.   I may look pretty but I have fooled a couple fish.   I am nice but can be quiet a threat to others.   I have spines on my back that are very venomous.   I only use them for protection and if threatened. I am not as vicious as our male species.   They seem to be more aggressive than us females.   Especially during mating season.   Which is all year round.   You could say they have permanent attitude.


NICKNAMES: Zebra fish, fire fish, turkey fish  dragon fish, scorpion fish and my favorite butterfly-cod. I have other names for which I am classified as but hard for me to even say it.   But here it is Pterois volitans.


WHERE I LIVE AND WHY:   I live in the South Pacific Ocean.   I have moved many times to find my perfect home.   I have lived in some lagoons and rocky areas.   I have claimed an area now in the coral reef.   It is beautiful and with the best scenery.   I see many other fish but not too many that look like me.  In my neighborhood the water is warm and the current is gentle.    I have been to many coral reefs and this one is my favorite until I feel like moving on.   The only thing I do not like from migrating is fighting for familiar territory.   I do tend to go to many other places as long as the water is warm and the current is cool.

FRIENDS:   I am a pretty open fish.   I consider everyone my friends especially in the reef area.   As long as they are not bigger than me and eat me I am okay.   Did swim next to a shark once but he almost hit me with his tale.

WHAT I LIKE TO EAT:   I like to eat baby lobsters, wrasses, parrotfish, blennies, shrimp and maybe anything that I can fit in my mouth.   I’ll try anything once.   I am to picky when I am hungry.


SEXUAL PREFERENCE:   I am interested in male lionfish.   I prefer not to stray.   What could be better than having babies that look exactly like me.   In my perspective,   as beautiful as I am I am not a one woman   one man type.   I am very promiscuous and prefer to experiment in my life.   I reach my maturity after a year of being born.   I reproduce a lot lol.   I can produce 2 egg sacks every four days.   I have had many children, my egg sacks can have up to 15,000 eggs.

MY INTERESTS:   My interests are not too interesting.   I like to gallivant during the day and hide out at night.   I mostly hang with myself.   I like the solitude.   Well at least till I see a hot male swimming around.  Then my interest may change.   I am pretty protective of my area though.   I have a route I take and I really don’t like anyone in my territory.

WHO THINKS I AM FOOD:   Interests in me not for my friendship would be sharks, groupers, really big eels, frogfish and had a run in with a scorpion fish but that didn’t end up to well.(for him)

For me I think we are all here for a reason whether we are predators or the food.   We are all here doing our own thing for reasons we know not.   Enjoy your life in the water you never know when it may end.         Lily the Lionfish






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