Law put in place to protect forage species

Small fish such as sardines and anchovies are an important part of the food web.   They are also a very important source for consumption use.   Unfortunately, these small fish have already started to become overfished.   According to Alaistar Bland on National Public Radio, “other forage species have not yet been commercially targeted.’.   This is why the National Marine Fisheries Service has passed a new law to prevent overfishing of these species.  


According to NPR, “A rule passed Monday by the National Marine Fisheries Service makes it illegal for commercial fishermen to develop new fisheries for hundreds of forage species unless scientists have first determined that targeting them will have no negative impacts on the marine ecosystem, existing fisheries and fishing communities.’.   Some of these other forage species include lanternfish and neon flying squid.   This law will help prevent overfishing to happen with these other forage species.  

Forage species are easy to harvest because they are known to gather into large schools.   By putting this law in place it is not only protecting Pacific-sardine-shoalthese species but it is also protecting the food web and the environment as a whole.   If the bottom layer of the food chain is taken out, then the entire chain will collapse soon after.


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  1. Interesting article– good beginning — Try to get your articles to site from Goggle scholar — these articles are peer reviewed by other scientists and tend to give more details than discussions on NPR

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