Halibut Stock Decline Forces Increased Management Measures for Southeat Alaska Charter Fleet

NOAA’s fishery services have came to  the conclusion that halibut stocks are getting significantly low.  Which made them  considered the IPHC’s ( International Pacific Halibut Commission) regulatory recommendations. The regulations for halibut caught by charter  anglers, is a maximum size of 37 inches.

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IPHC believes that the number of stock is declining because,  a low number of fish are not  reaching a catchable size. The commissions also believe that halibut can further decline in population.

“The declining halibut stock is impacting both charter and commercial halibut fishers all along the west coast from Washington State to Alaska,” said Alaska Fisheries regional administrator Dr. James Balsiger. “NOAA’s Fisheries Service is committed to working cooperatively with our international partners in Canada to jointly manage this important stock for the long-term benefit of both our countries.”

NOAA is trying to help the population; I agree with Dr. Balsiger and  that it is important to work  coopertively on the issue. Although this is an older article, I  felt it was important  to help understand the  past lesson.  Also, I feel very strongly about Alaska’s natural resources.

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  1. Interesting article. Alaska fisheries and natural resources are extremely important! Hopefully joining with Canada on this issue will help this population.

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