Scientists Plan for Changing Bering Sea


This article states that the North Pacific Fishery Management council heard a draft plan earlier this month about how to address the changes climate change may bring to the Bering Sea. The national Marine Fisheries Service coupled with the Alaska Fisheries Science Center are making efforts to be prepared for fish habitat and population changes that may occur with warming sea water temperatures. Scientists have quality information about several aquatic species in the area and how they may be impacted by climate change and how to adequately change regulations to help maintain sustainability, but there are even more species that scientists do not have any information on at all.


The proposed plan consists of two areas, one area of which information and research is gathered about a variety of species an area that can create models and predictions of what changes will occur and how we can manage these changes. Currently there is not enough information to predict the changes that can occur and how they will affect the management processes for these species.

JD-A_regime shift_diagram-1

With climate change impacting so many different species it is hard to imagine how things might change in the Bering Sea and this project helps to provide more research about these species and how the habitat and populations may be affected. Having this information can make management processes more effective and allow scientists to provide managers with  more reliable predictions for the future.

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