Fan O’ Fish Page (Northern Pike)

There is a lot of cool sport fishing videos of people trying to snag pike!

I hand created my Facebook page with all the information handwritten.  It was a fun way to create a Facebook page with all the requirements.

Facebook (Creative) Page

Here are some colored pictures on Northern Pike!











Here are links to read about Northern Pike



2 thoughts on “Fan O’ Fish Page (Northern Pike)”

  1. Hello!
    I enjoyed your Facebook page for the northern pike. These fish are great hunters and will surely eat anything they can catch. I find fishing for pike to be some of the best fishing because they are true fighters until the end. My first fish caught was a great big pike and I believe shes what got me hooked on fishing. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great pictures! I am hoping to use this forum to help students develop their writing skills–so perhaps we can try next blog to put pictures as well as a short essay about the topic and let’s try to shoot for a newspaper article.
    Looking forward to your next blog


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