Skittles, the Rainbow Parrotfish


Hello, my name is Skittles!



About me:

Common name: Rainbow Parrotfish

Scientific name: Scarus guacamaia

Who I’d like to meet:

I would like to meet a bunch of  lady  rainbow parrotfish that will be a part of my harem.

Who I would like to avoid:

Sharks, eels and other large/scary ocean predators. At night I will cover myself in mucus so I don’t have a scent and hide in the coral to avoid these predators.


<—-These guys will take a chunk outta you.




I would also like to avoid ***careless humans*** who do not care for the world’s coral reefs. The reef and I have a mutualistic relationship which means we both need each other to flourish and survive.   Get yourself educated with the chart below and don’t be a jerk. frame

Friends: Coral Reefs, my one true love. <3


General: I enjoy eating algae and coral off of coral reefs which in return helps the reefs.  I spend 90% of my day eating.   I also grind up coral and  small rocks while eating and later excrete it, creating sand. Creating this sand creates a biome in which corals can flourish.   In other words,  my poop makes beautiful beach sand.

Music: Reggae

Movies: My favorite movie is Planet Earth.

Television: I do not have a favorite TV show but I enjoy watching Earthjustice. I even stared in one of their episodes, “Coral and Parrotfish-A Love Story’. Check it out!

Books: The rainbow fish is my favorite book.

Hero: Myself, I am the hero of the world’s coral reefs.   I “keep the coral reefs vibrant and full’ according to Pete Mumby, a professor at University of Queensland, Australia.   See what he has to say about me here!


There are about 80 different species of  parrotfish.    Other parrotfish  also help preserve coral reefs. Here I am with my buddy Twilight, the Midnight parrotfish taking a lunch break.



Life so far:

I spent the first portion of my life in the juvenile phase, all parrotfish are born as females.   I have recently changed my sex from female to a terminal male because the recent male died in my harem and I was the largest, most  dominant female.   I will live to be 4-5 years old.



I’m here for:

Dating: I am looking for female rainbow parrotfish to be a part of my harem and eat algae off of coral with me.

Marital Status: Bachelor

Hometown: Tropical waters, coral reefs. corals

Sexual Orientation: Interested in all of  the lady rainbow  parrotfish out there. Don’t be shy.    😉

Body Type: I am a male in my terminal phase.  I was born as a female and became    the dominant female in my harem.   When the previous dominant male died I became the next dominant male.    Before I was a male I was drab in color.   I am now  brightly colored.   I also have a beak-like mouth to munch on algae and coral.   I swim by  using my pectoral fins to “row” around. If I need to swim faster I use my caudal fin. tumblr_mb0glyrWEN1rw6hhbo1_500


Ethnicity: Scarus guacamaia

Religion: I believe in having as many females in my harem that I can breed with as possible.   My reproductive mode is polygamous.

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Children: All of the female fish in my harem have laid hundreds of eggs. However, most of these eggs will not develop into adult rainbow parrotfish.

Education: I am an expert in Coral Reef health and preservation.

rOccupation:  Saving one coral reef at a time  by eating the algae off of coral.

Income: High. My job is to eat and I spend 90% of my day  doing that  (how cool is that?!).

Smoke/Drink: I do not smoke or drink, I’ll stick to algae and coral.

Schools/Education: My classroom is the coral reef.

Get educated(sources)!



3 thoughts on “Skittles, the Rainbow Parrotfish”

  1. Skittles what an interesting fish you are! I love that evolution has granted the gift of being able to transform from a dominate female into a male when your group lost you male. That is so interesting and hopefully allows your species to live on long into Earth’s future. I also find it interesting that you and the reef are so enter connected. How do you react if you are taken out of your reef environment? How far can you travel in the ocean? Do you stay in one local area or can you travel between reefs? Great job hiding in the mucus to avoid predators!

  2. Great set of information! Very entertaining and informative and I like your style of writing! Perhaps for your next blog entry we can try to develop an essay and pictures as if it was going to be published as a newspaper article.
    But you have summarized a lot of very good information

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