Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

As most of us already have heard,   The Obama administration and the department of the interior have proposed adding millions of acres of the Arctic Wildlife Refuge to be declare “Wilderness” area.   If this declaration passes Congress it will expand the areas that are off limits for oil drilling, mining, and other environmentally devastating actions.   This is a good example of how the federal governments departments are still trying to put forth effort to preserve our environments for wildlife and marine life.       Obama said ” Designating ANWR as a Wilderness so that we can make sure that this amazing wonder is preserved for future generations”

Alaska’s representatives did not take this action kindly in fear of the economic impact this may have on the state’s primary revenue source; oil.   In saying that, we can also see where small vs. large government agencies can differ when creating environmental decisions separately.   Though this will save more of our beloved fish and marine habitat, will it help our state wide efforts to preserve habitat or can this actually take funds away from   Maximum Sustained Yield principles we practice in heavily trafficked and fished   areas of the state?

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