The Last Atlantic Cod

      In the 1850s New England cod  fisherman pressured the government to do something about the decreasing cod in their areas.   So, in 1857 the Legislator put limits on the increasing Menhaden fisheries that are an important food source for Cod.     This attempt did not accomplish much by looking at the continually decreasing catch of Atlantic Cod.
        Then the age of technology comes into scene, trawlers with diesel engines.   Fishing faster and deeper, this benefited the fishermen and continued the depletion of cod exponentially. Now the cod populations have dwindled to less than 1 percent of what was around in the 1800s and the fishermen are out of work.
      Who is to blame for lack of management and over exploitation? Bolster puts the blame on our “system”, not the fishermen, scientists or politicians, but the neglect to take control of our seemingly need and nature to exploit any natural resource we can get our hands on.
        In all of America’s history we should be learning from our mistakes going from East to West.   It is black and white, this is how we messed up, let us not do it again.   Right? Well it does not seem that easy.   When there is a market for natural resources, we will, by God, supply that demand.   We will deplete stocks, ruin water systems and kill of whole species for our immediate well being. As it continues, we can only create a positive and loud voice in the public to make people in power aware that every action has a reaction, we must consider what all the reaction may be before acting so quickly.

Where Have All the Cod Gone?

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  1. we see this a lot all over , usually when its too late. we should look at our past and also the future to see how we can make it better. very good read

  2. Such a sad truth in our current world. It almost seems to me that people put history in a box and lock it away. When I was in the military we did After Action Reviews. These were to review what went well and what went bad. A time for leaders to learn from mistakes that were made, this way they do not repeat them. We need to take this stance with our natural resources management.

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