Personal Use Top Fishing Priority

The Alaska lawmakers will discuss a bill that would make personal use a priority in the managing of state fisheries today Tuesday March 10, 2015. Ever since moving to Alaska I always hear how the salmon should be managed so that the personal use fishermen get their fish first. Personal use would not be put ahead of subsistence fishing. The subsistence fishing would still have priority of all other types of fishing. Whenever the salmon numbers are low the Alaska Department of Fish and Game start to put restrictions on the amount of salmon that can be caught and kept for consumption. They also restrict on when the fish can be harvested and for how long.

The new bill that is being discussed would make personal use opportunity more important that commercial or sport fishing when the population of a stock is in question. This could have a huge impact on the Alaska commercial fisheries where the 2000-2004 average annual value of fish harvest was over $230 million dollars.


2 thoughts on “Personal Use Top Fishing Priority”

  1. i am wondering how do they determine personal use? i see that this would allow people that need the fish to survive to get what they would need first and think it is a good idea. and what is in place to make sure someone doesn’t take advantage of this?

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