Fan o Fish, Cutty

Hello, my name is Cutty

That’s me on the up top and my Alaska home range below.


Common name: Coastal Cutthroat Trout

Scientific Name: Oncorhynchus clarkia

Other Nicknames: Blue Back, Harvest Trout, Sea Trout

Interested in: Any lady cutthroat trout that would like to meet upstream in some of the gravel beds of the smaller clearer streams around, I will be there around April till the start of June. I am also willing to meet up with a good looking Rainbow trout if you’re around.

Not interested in (Predators): Fish, seals, otters, birds, humans.

**Note to Humans: Please let me go if you catch me, keep some of those Dollies or Pink salmon if you need to eat, Thanks!***


Family: (Salmonidae) I have many closely related cousins as well, who are also known as cutthroat trout. They live in the Rockies and the Great Basin. Some of their names are the Greenback, Yellowstone, Paiute, and Whitehorse among others.


Spending the winter in deep lakes full of food.

Snacking on Salmon fry and eggs, insects, and pretty much what ever meat I can get my mouth on.

Fighting hard against those fishermen that come into the streams after me.

Breeding once I turned 3, and every year or so afterwards.

After I turn 3 or 4 I like going out to the ocean every once in a while, but not too far or I may get eaten.

I now realize how hard it is to go to the sea and back and make it to spawning grounds on time. I only saw about 40% of the guys at the spawning grounds from last year. I think the next time I go (third time) will probably be my last time going up there. Hopefully none of those guys will fool me again with fake yummy looking fish just to bring out me of the water, take a picture of me and put me back in.


Age: 5 years old. Not even at midlife yet hopefully, we can sometimes live longer than         12 years.

Marital Status: Single and ready to mingle

Hometown: Peterson Creek, in some of that real slow murky water up there is where I hung out as a Juvenile.

Sexual Orientation: Straight. We both look very similar though. But, you can tell when she is full of eggs.

Body Type: Slender, with just the right amount of meat.

Defining Marks/coloration: Red slashes under the jaw. Some of my cousins have a yellow slash. Do not confuse me with a Rainbow even though sometimes we might comingle.

Ethnicity: Coastal

Religion: Carnivorous

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Children: Hopefully many, I have spawned twice so far!

Education: 11 months in the Pacific.

Occupation: Philosopher. Conservationist.

Income: Not as much as those guys wearing all that Orvis gear.

Smoke/Drink: Salmon/ Tricaine Methanesulfonate, preferably nice cold clean water



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  1. Hi! Fun read on the coastal cutthroat trout with an entertaining display of information. I do find that when fishing for rainbows it is common to find a cutthroat or two in the mix. These fish can be fun for sport fishing and put up a fun fight. Thanks for sharing!

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