What it takes to Guide in Alaska.

The thought of making a living from being a fishing guide in the beautiful state of Alaska is one that makes many people think of how amazing the oppurtunity would be. Who wouldn’t want to take people fishing all day to make money? You cant just make a customer base and go crazy out there though, there are many steps to acquiring a liccense to guide here. You got to think of a lot more safer approach when your facing alaska’s deadly water systems. Which is why the state as set laws to make sure people don’t get sent out in the field unprepared. The permits are costly, $750 for residents and $1,650 for non-residents annually. That isnt the end   of it either, you will also need to be certified in first aid, and pick up another license from the fish and game office to even get papers in order. There are many steps that must be completed before you can start guiding. So as you can see there is a long list of technical stuff to be completed, but thats not including the skill it takes to be a valuable guide. Many guides have spent thier whole lives learning the water systems to get where they are at. It might take a lot of work, but that doesnt mean it is not worth is, many people have very succesfull guide related businessess. Another thing that troubles me about life as a guide is the failing king fishery in alaska. There is no doubt that the kings are rapidly dissapearing, and it effects a number of peoples livlihood. Including people who make a living off of river guides for king salmon. This has been a great concern for the guide community, and many people are not planning on fishing for kings at all for a while. The market is just not worth it, and many guides have trouble with the ever changing laws that wreck havoc with customers flying in from around the world to fish. fly-fishing-alaska-kings

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  1. Thank you for the interesting post! The decline in the King runs across the state is such a hardship for so many people in so many aspects of the fishery. I wrote about the Magnusen-Stevens Act. I can’t help but relate back to the issue of by-catch that is coming up during this review process and know this is also related to these declines.

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