Scientists Study Entire Ecosystem to Manage Fish Populations


Alaska harvests more seafood annually than all other 49 states combined. Most of these fish begin life as tiny larva at the mercy of their environment. When everything goes well, currents carry them to fertile waters where they can grow and be recruited to the harvestable population. When conditions aren’t favorable most if nit all larva carried into a certain area will die.

To begin to better understand these conditions, more than 50 scientists are teaming up to study the Gulf of Alaska. The project, named, The Integrated Ecosystem Research Project, ”  brings together physical oceanographers, fish biologists, and other scientists to decipher how physical and biological forces in the ocean combine to determine fish recruitment.”

The goal of the project is to help make sustainable decisions about the future of Alaska’s fisheries as the pressures of climate change and other man-made factors play increasing roles in fisheries throughout the world.

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