Regulating All Fisheries


For the year 2012 in an effort to ensure our fisheries survival for the next few decades the United States was the first country to ever set annual catch limits for every single fishery. From the Pacific to the Atlantic and all the way down to the gulf of mexico all 528 fish species under federal regulation are being surveyed and regulated like never before. No longer in support of the business and money making aspect of our fisheries government has finally decided to put an end to the overfishing regardless of loss of income for the country. For some it might already be too late, but better late than never. This policy is proving difficult and expensive due to the struggle in finding out how many fish are available for each species and how much can be caught to still have maximum yeild. Other countries like europe are considering adopting the plan, but some still refuse to waiver their fishing rate. But the changes have not come without a fight, and an array of critics are seeking to undo them. Some commercial and recreational operators, along with their congressional allies, argue that regulators lack the scientific data to justify the restrictions. And they suggest that the ambitious goals the law prescribes, including a mandate to rebuild any depleted fish stock within a decade, are arbitrary and rigid. Only time will tell if this revolution of fisheries will work, and until then the future of fisheries may be a litlle shady.overfishing

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  1. This is such good news. I’m sure it upset quite a few people who don’t appreciate the reasoning behind it but it is what needed to happen.

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