Drought Intervention


Due to the recent drought in California, biologists have been relocating salmon smolt to places further downstream, nearer the ocean. A lack of water in the rivers has led to some fish being stranded. For the smolt, who are still weak swimmers, this is bad news. Because of the drought, the river current that would normally help them get downstream to the ocean is failing to do its job.

To remedy this, biologists began a 10-week process of trucking the smolt and depositing them farther downriver, where the smolt will be able to reach the ocean without difficulties. While this will enable the smolt to survive and grow, there have been concerns that the adult fish will be unable to find their way back to the breeding ground to spawn. It is unclear what this will mean for future generations. However, this move is the smolt’s best chance at survival in this unusual dry spell.




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  1. I enjoyed reading your article, i am going to do follow up research and see if the smolt ever did make it back to the original spawning grounds. I think it would be really interesting to find out what their instincts are going to tell them to do.

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