Save the Snapper


New Zealand’s government has established new regulations to monitor the commercial fishing industry as a result of a dramatic decline in aquatic life due to over-fishing.

Snapper were hit particularly hard. Commercial fishers were harvesting and selling not only adult snappers, but baby snappers too. This resulted in a sharp population decline since the juvenile fish were being wiped out along with the adults.

A decade ago, the fisheries of the Tairua Harbor and the Coromandel Peninsula were thriving with life. Now, there are small schools of fish where there once were massive schools that caused the water to boil. This decline threatens the area’s tourism industry, and obviously the snapper and other species in the area.

Luckily, management organizations and the government realized that they needed to take quick action to put regulations into place if they wanted the snapper and other species to survive and rebuild their populations. Now, it has been reported that the populations are improving.

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