Decimated US Fisheries Bouce Back

A new study states that nearly 2/3 of closely monitored fish species in the US have overcome overfishing due to effective management strategies. The study points to management over the last 10 to 15 years as the key to success. The study conducted by NOAA found that 28 of  44 listed species had  adequately  recovered to be considered sustainable. The study also found that 16 species have made very little progress. Scientists feel that this is due to continued overfishing in certain areas, as well as natural variation among reproductive rates in certain species.

Of the species that still struggle to recover, the Atlantic cod has proven to be one of the most difficult to revive. Vast over fishing that decimated the population many decades ago has decreased, but the species has struggled to rebound, forcing even more cuts to the already limited quota. Though the situation seems dire for the fisherman, continued strict management has the goal of restoring this fishery to its former glory.


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