Informing the Public


The Lake Huron fisheries are planning on offering research and information workshops this spring. Recently, this fishery has been hit by invasive species and has gone through ecological changes. While the fisheries managers and scientists may be able to understand everything that goes on, the general public likely does not. To change this, the fisheries decided to put on a series of workshops to help educate those who might have questions.

This seems like an excellent way to help people become more informed so that they can be aware of how their local fisheries function and what they can do to help preserve them. These workshops cover not only recreational fishing advice, but they will also explain the details of the fisheries business, and government research.

Obviously, not everyone will be interested in all aspects of these workshops. Some might only attend to learn some new tips for catching the biggest fish. But for those who are truly interested in the fisheries, this will be an invaluable way to gain more understanding.

One thought on “Informing the Public”

  1. I am curious which invasive species that the workshops intend to educate the public about? I am from the Lake Huron area originally, thanks!

    To address how this article relates to what I wrote about I would say that educating the public who fishes is applicable to the killer whale situation on the west coast. There are other species of salmon, such as sockeye that fisherman could target as an alternative to Chinook. With more information perhaps a shift in target species could be a voluntary one. This would free up the pressure for management to restrict fishing and also free up pressure on the stocks of Chinook that are in decline.

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