Hi, my name is Pike, aka Esox Lucius. Some people call me Northern Pike or Water Wolf. I’m an invasive species in Alaska. While I’m native to northern Alaska, I’m relatively new to the South Central region. I eat invertebrates, other fish, small mammals and waterfowl. I’d never pass up a good duck! When I was just a wee hatchling I preferred small crustaceans, but by the time I was just the length of your pinky finger I was already chowing down on other fish. Depending on where you find me I can vary in coloring, if you find me in clean water I will be a shade of light green, but the dirtier the water the darker I get, although I prefer shore lines with shallow water and lots of plants to keep me hidden. I got the short end of the stick, being a male, because I’m smaller than my sisters and all of my girlfriends, and I probably won’t live as long as they will. Depending on how long I live I could get to be up to 15 lbs or more. I don’t think I’m such a bad guy, but a lot of people don’t like me, especially in the Mat-Su Valley where Alaska Fish and Game has said “  programs are underway in many places to eradicate these fish, for they can cause significant damage to salmon and rainbow trout populations.’



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