Radioactive Materials From Fukushima has Reached AK Salmon

This is a very important topic for me to discuss because I can’t imagine anything happening to Alaska’s salmon. In 2011 the Nuclear Plant in Fukushima Japan failed after a earthquake and a tsunami and the disaster resulted in tons of nuclear waste being dumped into the ocean. Any contamination is  dangerous,  and in this article, traces of radiation were found in Alaska salmon but the levels were considered ‘safe’. It is astounding to me that not many people are informed about this event that happened almost three years ago but it still affecting the planet. Once it becomes a bigger problem I wonder if the marine life affected will be able to adapt to the hazardous environment or not. Very sad to hear that its reached our coast but this article is one of many that is interesting. The picture above provides a good visual.






Abby Borge

Hi my name is Abby, I am a sophomore, my major is Biology and I grew up Talkeetna, Alaska and I will be here for the spring semester. I transferred back to Alaska after going to school for a year in Durango CO at Fort Lewis College.

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