Trading One Resource for Another

In this article published by The Fish Site takes a look at the recent activity Governor Parnell is being faced with involving the Alaska Fishing Community and the Industrial Investors both after the amazing resources Alaska has to offer. With a record breaking year in Salmon harvest and with Bristol Bay ranking in fourth place with 16.6 million fish, Fishermen and Industrial Investors are defiantly feeling the pressure and looking for answers. One question that Alaska Governor Parnell was asked really caught attention, “Didn’t you say you would never trade one resource for another?’ asked by a Cook Inlet Set Netter.

This article gives great information and statistics from very recent activity. Published on September 30, 2013.

Zena DeLoach


2 thoughts on “Trading One Resource for Another”

  1. These are essential issues in fishery management. Very good find! It is very hard however, to not trade one resource for another, as everything we do takes resources!

  2. While I understand the question posed by the Cook Inlet set netter, I would add that the trade is a renewable resource for a non-renewable one. The deposits the Pebble Mine could render would be a relatively short term gain, as opposed to the potentially endless sockeye run.

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