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Estimating recreational harvest using interview-based recall survey: Implication of recalling in weight or numbers

Fisheries Management and Ecology

May 2, 2013

In this article they talk about how overfishing is affecting the marine environment and how recreational fishing has continued even though recovery has implemented and commercial landings has been regulated.   It is estimated that a recreational catch, harvest or effort in several countries was an interview based survey.   This consisted on fishers being contacted by email or by phone.   They asked questions concerning catches, harvesting and fishing patterns over a period of time.   Sparrevohn states,” a recall survey is a method that has been used for decades but mainly focuses on anglers.”   Based upon the recall survey it is said that fishers prefer to recall their harvest and what type of fish species they caught.   After answering these questions they were asked to answer how they caught their fish.

The methods that were used in this experiment had a two phase recall survey.   First survey which was also known as phase 1, were fishers who had received their fishing permit by July 1, 2010.   Second phase fishers were those who received their permits by January 1, 2011.   In each phase you had over 2400 anglers and 2400 passive gear fishers who were all contacted by email.   To separate these two groups anglers had an Angular license were known as Angling A and those with passive gear license were known as Angling B.  Over a period of time these fishers were contacted either by email or phone and asked a series of questions pertaining to the fish they caught.   Weight, length and species were questions that were asked by the questioner.   From here they could determine how many species were caught, the length of each species caught and the weight of each species.

The results were that 80 percent of the initial 9716 were contacted.   Only 3 percent of 9,716 did not want to participate In the survey.   The remaining percent were not responding due to an incorrect email address or phone number.   Out of 46 percent of all the people who were surveyed used the internet to fill out their   questioners.   Sparrevohn states,” the number of respondents who preferred to report their harvest numbers did so mainly by species harvested and to a lesser extent by fishing methods.”

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