Seafood Labeling

I think that this article really sums up a lot of the problems our society has with labeling standards, without knowing they are summing up the issues at hand. I’ve been keeping up on the certification of “sustainable’ in regards to seafood, and I find it funny that there is so much reliance from concerned American consumers on the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) for getting it right. First, the MSC label polluck sustainable, even with a bycatch of well over a 100,000 king salmon as well as various other species, and a high-impact effect on ecosystems due to fishing gear. Yet McDonalds, a company that has a history of junk food, gmo produce and big agriculture, can label “sustainable’ on their polluck products, while many of the fisheries in Alaska are being scrutinized by the MSC and denied the use of their “sustainable’ label on account of practices used before Alaska became a state that are deemed non-sustainable. Goes to show you what money can buy, at the expense of ethics and concerned consumers.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more! It is so irritating how we can’t even really trust labels, which should be the most truthful thing out there I feel! (angry face)

  2. I am so sorry – I selected the same topic! I was so disappointed that all of the MSC rumors I have been hearing for the past few years have been proven correct. I trusted MSC. No more. No wonder Alaska decided to give them the boot regarding salmon.

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