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Sean Ahshapanek

A Review of fisheries management past and present and some future perspectives for the third millennium

J.F. Caddy, K.L. Cochrane

Ocean Coastal Management 44(2001)

Since the last century the biggest debate for fisheries was that they had no boundaries for fish resources in the ocean.  Sine the turn of the   century we have made progress within our fisheries.   Fisheries management has become  more sustainable by using concepts like biology, economics and social and institutional issues that this has made it more intensive then is was ten years ago.   Caddy and Cochrane state that” over the past 100 years, despite undeniable progress in our ability to monitor and assess the state of fish stocks and understand the economic and social forces that underlie ecosystem change, the status of fishery resources has deteriorated.”

Early fishery management  in the 1900’s was that they encountered many difficult problems of natural resources management and the rapid technological advances.   These problems have made today a big issue in resolving them.   One example of early fishery regulations was the total allowable catch (TAC), this was based on a scientific data concept from the 1960’s.   This was based on bag limits and this system was long gone before it started.   It wasn’t a good way to determine in good data.

A history of advances in fishery management, fishery control measures and assessment.   According to Caddy and Cochran fisheries assessment was used to determine the life and ecosystems of fish.   They use different techniques and to help in their assessments with fish like GIS.   “Fishery management  is a control of fishing effort as a basic tool for fisheries management and fisheries theory tends to treat fishing effort as a continuous variable that can be controlled indirectly through quotas or even by controls on fleet tonnage or vessels and gear characteristics”, states Caddy and Cochrane.   Another technique is monitoring, control and surveillance (MCS).

Caddy and Cochrane state, “despite the emphasis in recent literature on fishery management by input or output control, a modern suite of technical measures will play a key role in making these key control measures effective.” This a perspective on fisheries management measures in the third millennium.   Changes have been occurring slowly and making fisheries more selectable and less destructive.   The use of square meshes and turtle excluder devices to reduce unwanted catches.

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