Prince William Sound Herring Decline

My article is from a peer review journal on the decline of herring stocks in the prince william sound region. In 1993 fish and game were estimating the pws herring biomass to be 121,000 metric tons. Only 27,000 metric tons arrived though. Fish and game acted by closing the fishery from 1994-1996. In the 1997-1998 fishery 3,698 – 4,536 metric tons were harvested. Since 1999 the fishery has been closed and plans to remain closed. Herring take 4 years to recriut to the population. No strong year class has recruited since the 1988 year class in 1991 and 1992.  The blame of this event is controversial. Scientists say the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill killed off the herring. Hydrocarbons left from the oil spill kill the eggs of the herring. Exxon blames a number of things from overfishing, poor nutrition, lack of food, too much competition with hatchery pink salmon, whale predation , low water temperature , and disease outbreak.  images

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  1. Good job, but next time, be sure to cite the article and be sure that it’s current. The Pacific herring in Prince William Sound is an interesting and complicated fisheries research topic. I have been learning about it through my thesis research on creosote and my work with the folks at NOAA who have put years of research into the issue. Unfortunately, as long as we are using oil, the possibility for spills exist, such as the Deep Water Horizon spill. Research has demonstrated that oil persists in the environment and may have lingering effects on ecosystems, but there are so many other factors such as fishing and disease etc to take into account when confronting these issues. Thanks for sharing!

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