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Wednesday, March 20, 2013 – Page updated at 09:00 p.m.

Markets pledge not to sell genetically-modified salmon

The New York Times

This article has information pertaining to the battle to release gmo salmon. The controversy over this “frankenfish’ has been high, with opponents fearing that in addition to the disease and escapement troubles of existing farmed Atlantic salmon genetically altered salmon would prove an even greater risk. The FDA did not agree.

“The salmon is now awaiting approval from the Food and Drug Administration, which in December concluded that the fish would have “no significant impact’ on the environment and would be as safe to eat as conventional salmon. The agency is accepting public comments on its findings until April 26.’

Health effects of the fish are not yet realized, as consumption of it would need to be monitored on humans over time, which is a little scary. What I find most interesting about this threat is that if approved, there will be no labeling standards imposed by the FDA. We have “wild’ and “country of origin’ standards, but no standards to inform consumers that they are eating an animal that was genetically modified.

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  1. How interesting & current! We will definitely be hearing more about gmo salmon in the future as this on-going issue plays out. Thanks for sharing@

  2. Historically, the FDA has never had very strict rules on how they regulate, despite what the layman would think. So this does not surprise me at all that they would state that GMO fish have “no significant impact on the environment.” The interesting thing to watch is how the GMO label movement pressures will now play out on farmed fish. Whole Foods announced a couple of weeks ago that all GMO products must be labeled to be on on their shelves. Other stores are following suit. How much will this spread?

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