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Northern Pike

Scientific Name: Esox lucius

Known simply as Pike, jackfish or Northern depending on regions.




Habitat: Ranges throughout the Northern hemisphere, and in some areas they are considered an invasive species. They are a freshwater and brackish fish.


Size, shape and colorings: Pike can grow to very large sizes, up to 59 inches and 55 pounds. Generally an earthy brown coloring with spotting and

Reproduction: Migratory in spawning season, generally in the spring. Heterosexual and generally breed each season with only one mate.  Average life span of 5-15 years.

Trophic Level: The pike is a carnivorous species.

Predators and Prey: Juvenile pike feed off invertebrates until they are old enough to consume fish, adult are highly predatory targeting not only fish but sometimes even waterfowl and small rodents. Due to the invasiveness of the species, in some areas once a pike is caught by a sport fisherman, they must remove it from the habitat.

Interesting Facts:

Many areas of the US stocked the pike for recreational purposes.

Pike depleted their prey species in certain areas, especially in areas where they are invasive, to levels where pike growth was stunted.

Pike’s have scales on the upper part of their gill covers, but not the lower part.



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