Archerfish Get an Eye Test

when i read this article headline i thought it was kind of a joke, i thought i have heard of a fish that could shoot water and hit things but i never thought they were this accurate,   its also cool that they are able to test this fish to determine how its able to hit things so accurate.   this fish is really cool, its like the quick draw mcgraw of the fish world, as far i know.   which is not a lot. 🙂 hope you find this as interesting as i did.


Chris M.

2 thoughts on “Archerfish Get an Eye Test”

  1. This is very interessting, Chris! I love the research that is done, the amount of effort and patience is amazing. I had a pair of glasses that were multifoculs that actually changed my vision to be better adapted to close or far by how I positioned my eye. I no longer need my glasses, no idea why; but still find that I see different distances by positioning my eyes differently. Just thought that was interestig as well.. thanks for your post.

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