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Marine and Coastal fisheries Journal

Impacts of Interannual Environmental Forcing and Climate Change on the Distribution of Atlantic Mackerel on the U.S. Northeast Continental Shelf

W.J. Overholtz, J.A. Hare and C.M. Keith

Pages 219-232

June 25, 2011

In this journal W.J. Overholtz, J.A. Hare and C.M. Keith are doing research on the climate change in the Atlantic Coast.   They are researching the Mackerel fish stock also known as Scomber scombrus.   This stock of Mackerel are found between Cape Hatteras to Newfoundland.   The Mackerel migrate long distances and they are very sensitive to temperature and the water must be warmer the 5 degrees Celsius. Over the past forty years the Mackerels were being studied and data was being collected using GIS, satellite imagery and research trawls surveys.   One thing they have found out is that the Mackerel have shifted from about 250 km to the north and to the east.   They also found that the Mackerel have moved from deeper waters to the more shallower waters.  This would be due to the waters warming up and making  migration  patterns more difficult to use.    The  climate has  also changed  the food patterns they ate  over the years.   One important change was the spawning season for the  Mackerel.   You could see a  decline  in the number of Mackerels that spawned over the past 40 years.   This has caused great changes in commercial fisheries along with recreational fisheries.   They believe that this would make it harder to fish and catch the Mackerel in the future.

Image of Northeast Atlantic Mackerel. www.fisherieswiki.org

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