Fish attracted to same-sex Flirts

I reported on an article from the BBC website written in December 2012.

A recent study found that male Atlantic mollies exhibit homosexual tendencies.

Mollies will “nip” at the genital opening of females to show that they are ready to mate. Males will actually do this to other males, as well. The scientists of this study called it a “conundrum”. Although homosexuality occurs in most species across the globe, it contradicts Darwinism.

Females always preferred attractive males (who did not need to show homosexual tendencies). But when only unattractive males were available, those who showed their “ability” or “good health” via homosexual “nipping” were preferred.

The scientists suggested that this may be to show the females they are physically fit and healthy, which may, increase their fitness.

3 thoughts on “Fish attracted to same-sex Flirts”

  1. This is really interesting, and it also makes you think about homosexuality and how we view it as humans. I mean, some people believe that homosexuality is a “choice” but do fish really have enough of a developed brain to “choose” their homosexuality? It is kind of an example that it likely can be in genetics, and not just a choice.

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